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That's her emotional baggage to deal with, and so leave her to it. There are other attractive women in your vicinity who will want you exactly as you are.

It will take a lot of work on your part to find her, so you need to get going by researching which meetups for singles activities in your age group are going on in your town. You'll meet lots of women if you take dance lessons.

Our location is well sheltered; we offer full floating docks, electricity, cable tv, and water at every slip.I sometimes feel a bit hurt walking past a restaurant or something that we might have frequented due to the triggering of memories so did think that was quite odd.I'm assuming she wouldn't even consider how confusing it must be for her children to go back to a holiday resort that they used go to with their parents only to see their dad replaced with a new guy?One thing I did find odd was that the resort she had gone on holiday to on this Caribbean holiday is the same resort she used to go year after year with her ex-husband and I even think they went there on their honeymoon.Honestly.....sounds to me like she loved and still loves her ex husband and is craving the magic and the life that she had with him, but with the emotional connection that got lost along the way.

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