Whos sabrina bryan dating

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In exchange, Britt ensured that Brad received a promotion.Britt hoped that Patrick would care for her during the pregnancy but instead was forced to move in with Sabrina and her roommate Felix when they volunteered to care for her instead.When Patrick took both Britt and Emma out together, Emma ran away from Britt.She was found by Sabrina, who claimed that Emma had ran away because Britt had said that she did not like Emma.As the pregnancy continued, Britt struck up a friendship with Nikolas Cassadine and had second thoughts about her lie but her mother pushed her to continue her pursuit of Patrick.

Britt agreed as long as Maxie destroyed Sabrina's nursing career.She reminded Britt that she, along with Britt's father, Cesar Faison, had efficiently removed Robin from Patrick's life and no one suspected that she was still alive.Britt agreed with her mother that she needed to move forward with her plans for Patrick.Britt contemplated terminating the pregnancy but changed her mind after Patrick vowed to be a father to the child.When Patrick still remained distant, Britt bribed Brad, a lab technician, to make it appear as though she had severe complication with the pregnancy that required bed rest.

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