Who is rita coolidge dating

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In 2014, he pleaded guilty to a felony charge of receiving illegal payments.In October, 2014, Coolidge's sister, Priscilla, was killed by her husband, Michael Siebert, in a murder/suicide.She moved to Memphis in 1967 and enmeshed herself in the city’s vibrant music scene. She soured on the relationship fairly quickly, though, due to his reticence to be social, and his asking her to have a threesome with him and Cocker’s bassist, Carl Radle.

Coolidge and the gang would record with Clapton — the gospely backing vocals on his hit “After Midnight” come from Coolidge, Bramlett and singer Bobby Whitlock — and she had the time of her life.That is, until cocaine took hold of many of the crew and she learned the ugly truth about Gordon.One night during Cocker’s tour, several of them were hanging out in Radle’s hotel room when Gordon, whom Coolidge had “never felt closer to or more in love [with],” quietly asked to speak to her alone.The trio released studio albums in 1997 (Walela) and 2000 (Unbearable Love), a live album and DVD (Live in Concert) in 2004 and a compilation album (The Best of Walela) in 2007. Coolidge considered this group important, not only in honoring her Cherokee ancestors but also in bringing their culture to others.Also as part of her Native American heritage, she performed with Robbie Robertson, who has Mohawk ancestry, at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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