Who is patrick breeding dating

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However, she now stands firm in her femininity, saying that she has learnt to accept and embrace herself for who she is and what she does.

She also remarkably stated that she soon realized that her femininity empowered her(talk about a positive role model that young girls should emulate).

Although the latter lost interest in the racing world, Danica's passion for the track continued to build up as she grew older.

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The two first met at the ESPYs in 2012 and then exchanged email addresses.Given that her beau is Green Bay Packers' QB, it would be interesting to know what the NFL season is like for this couple.Well, according to Danica, she once told her bae that she would be cheering him on, and not his team, but finally admitted that she would eventually also be cheering his team on.According to the legend, her decision to quit was fueled by the fact that the sport triggered so much nervousness.She also stated that she would not miss the discomfort that came with race car driving.

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