When a guy says you are intimidating chris brown currently dating 2016

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In fact, if given the choice, I would to date a man in a completely different industry; someone with totally different skills than I have.But lately, it feels like that choice is being taken away from me because men can’t handle the fact that I am excited about something I accomplished.But, I guess one thing I hadn’t considered is that prior to my dissertation, I didn’t really talk about some of this stuff with men I was just meeting.I would talk about my job if they asked, and maybe mention some of my volunteer projects, but I didn’t really specifically mention my degree.I spent so much time in school because it made sense for me — for my skill set, my interests, and my career path. I am 100k in debt; my student debt will negatively impact my life forever.I would never advocate someone getting themselves into a similar situation unless it truly made sense for themselves and their career goals.He insisted he meant it as a compliment, and it’s quite possible he did. It feels like all the comments that men have been making about my degree the last year. Men left and right are assuming that I won’t want to be with them because I’m too smart, too accomplished, too whatever.It frustrates me so much because I feel like I ALREADY have a hard time finding guys that I am into and who are also into me, and now I feel like I have even fewer options because people are making assumptions about me or people find my opinions “intimidating.” Lately, it feels like men take the things I’m most proud of about myself or respect most about myself and use it as reasons not to date me.

I don’t expect men to have had the same educational path as I have had.

Over the last year, much of my free time has been spent writing my dissertation, defending my dissertation, and celebrating being done with my doctorate.

During this time, I have experienced all range of emotions, as anyone going through this process has.

Frustration, exhaustion, excitement, sadness, happiness; you name it, I felt it. Pride in the fact that I finished a doctorate program in three years while working full time.

Pride in the fact that at the beginning of my program a professor said to us, “Whatever you do, do not change anything about your life circumstances in the next three years” …and instead, I went through a major breakup, a move, and a job change and finished in three years.

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