What is the game when dating

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You have to be interesting as a person on some level and story telling is one of those ways.Whether you’re an intellectual or a stereotypical jock, you have to be able to convey that on some level. When you hear someone say, Guess we can all go home now and resume our normal lives.Some guys have learned to do really well meeting women online.Despite where and how they meet women, these guys excel at these areas. It’s about men who attract women on some level and do well for themselves.Others will say, “Dude, that guy has game…..” but won’t be able to express why or how. Cameron Building Attraction with Women Ebook Great post Cam. You’ve got tons to offer, and sound, reasonable, intelligent advice is hard to come by in the scene these days. I’ve read your articles …”dating tips for the socially normal guy”…forgot the exact name. Way above 90% of the stuff I’ve read in the community.You reminded me of the stuff I used to do when I wasn’t all caught in my head… I’ve read a buncha articles on how if your dick ain’t 7 inches women will think it’s small (and of course what women think is highly important, right? ) and I was also insecure about my looks…especially weight…Then there are guys who just hate bars/clubs and they don’t do well in bars and nightclubs.Yet, they’ve done consistently well for themselves despite not being bar people.

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I learned that happiness has to come from life and not women…You are too caught up in what other people (including women) may think of you. Or you could display needy and supplicating behavior, which are usual symptoms of a low self-image if you dig deep enough. You apply tactics when there is no need for tactics and you try to be alpha when there is no need to prove yourself. You neg an archetype of woman when you should be complimenting her, and you compliment a type of woman whom you should be telling to fuck off. At the end of the day, one thing is for sure: A guy who possesses the ingredients will do OK for himself.Maybe you don’t have that much fear or hesitation, but you just haven’t improved your social intelligence. (Not in those exact words, however.) You are just not that interesting to be talk to. This isn’t about becoming a PUA, hitting on 5000 women a day, or bragging to your friends about your number-closes and other retarded community dogma.Next time you see some random guy in your town, neighborhood or social circles who seems to do well with women, take a closer look and you’ll see that he possesses the aforementioned components. | Attract Women Anywhere Now, as far as learning methods about seduction and becoming entangled in the "Seduction [...] [...] Keep track of those three general concepts.Perhaps you may be at a house party and you notice one guy who seems to have the women attracted to him. It was one of the first articles I ever wrote on this Blog entitled “What Game Really is:” [...] Cameron….thanks a lot, man.

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