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For another, the legislation includes programs intended to address documented racial disparities from decades of enforcement of drug laws.As a result, national and local advocates are hopeful the question of whether to decriminalize cannabis will get its first up-or-down vote in Congress. The Judiciary Committee is the gatekeeper for most of these issues,” said Rep.A budtender at a marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon, displays a strain of cannabis in this February 2019 photo.Congress is considering legislation that would remove marijuana from the DEA’s list of controlled substances and tax the drug to raise money for job training and treatment programs for communities that have traditional been the focus of marijuana law enforcement efforts.“Just trying to get the word out to the right groups of people who would be the most enthusiastic about pulling weeds was really where the legwork came in.,” said Meg Calley, director of farming and education at Sprout City Farms in Denver, CO.Sprout City Farms operates a one-acre urban community farm at the Denver Green School.Kamala Harris, a presidential hopeful and former California attorney general, and Rep.Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House of Representative’s powerful Judiciary Committee.

The program pulls information from the websites of dispensaries and displays flower, concentrates and tinctures.“We encouraged the people to come out, not just for dates, but also to find other ‘agri-curious folk’ like us — people who are really curious about agriculture,” said Esther Kim, marketing manager of Earth Dance Farms an organic farm in Ferguson, MO. We wanted to put some fun back into the Hallmark holiday,” she said.Erin Flynn, founder of Green Gate Farms an organic operation in Austin, TX, took the weed dating concept one step further and timed the farm’s weed dating event with Valentine’s Day. From Concept To Event When Gretchen Vaughn, founder of Greensleeves Farm, approached her CSA volunteers about starting a weed dating event, the reaction was immediate.A smartphone application named after a mythological bird lets users browse marijuana the same way they might a potential date.Budbo, developed by a four-member team, uses the familiar swipe left/swipe right mechanic from the dating app Tinder to allow users to pick what strain of weed they'd like to purchase, and - if you live in a state like Washington that allows marijuana sales - where to get it.

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