Updating norton caused a script error

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Thanks again, bizarrely, the message came up again when I went into this message, so I hit esc and it went, great, far quicker than going into internet options - advanced. The other possibility, at least temporarily, would be to use some alternative browser such as Firefox.

I have had the same issue on Windows 8.1 running IE 11.

I was pretty excited when I came across this application tool from Symantec – the Norton PC Checkup.

It is a free tool that scans for computer problems and notifies you of the same, if any are found.

This started a few weeks ago, likely after a Windows update.

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I've followed all the advice such as checking that the script debugging entries are disabled, etc. Excitedly tried the tip of opening a second tab but sadly it didn't work for me., glad it does for someone else. Microsoft will lose a lot of users if they do away with IE, Edge is totally awful, useless gimmicks and boring design, not user friendly or fun, just colourless and utilitarian looking. As a Google search engine user like most I saved this web address and pasted into Bings search engine and here I am typing this with no "script error popups".

Specifically, the tool assesses threat and security risks, checks if you have security software installed, checks your power management settings, identifies performance problems and checks for security weaknesses in your wireless network.

Norton PC Checkup conducts a 13-point diagnostic scan that examines over 200 PC attributes, to identify viruses and other threats, uncovers security weaknesses that could put your files and identity at risk, and roots out problems that can slow down your computer.

It's happening with all browsers, and it started on win 8.1 couple weeks before I installed 10.

The tech support is a joke, they just can't admit it's a Microsoft problem in IE.

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