Updating magellan 3100

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It seems that they really mean "Custom Address Entries".At first I thought you could add POI's, but a little more experimenting doesn't seem to work out. Scott deetman, I might agree with that except that the Maestro 4040 comes with a SD card reader, where one might load so-called "custom POIs" into the unit.Use the Magellan POI editor should be a basic tool for you. You will never find a unit (witin reason or otherwise) that will have all the POIs on it for your area or interest- ITS A BIG WORLD. The above post and my sig reflects my own opinions, expressed for the purpose of informing or inspiring, not commanding.You're at the right place to find and build your own i brought maestro 3225,mainly for its text to speach feature at affordable cost(9 incl taxes),but poi is only 1.3 came with poi editor,which enable you to save current poi on the unit to your pc and add i guess it shouldn't be a problem to share poi among likewise units of maestro series with 6million poi(3140 etc).guess it should be in *mgln format for sharing or downloding to other units.thats my opinion and furthur comments are welcome I purchased this unit a week ago. I've downloaded and converted several POI files from this site and POI Friend site. Then I copied them to an SD card and the 3200 finds them very easily. I wonder if I made a mistake by purchasing a Magellan 3100. Naturally, you are free to reject or embrace whatever you read."Read the thread here: (let me know if this doesn't work for you)" OK, got it to work, lots of hacking, but it does work on a 3100 with a 2 gb sdmmc card. I didn't read all of the post, and I see this is mostly rather old, nonetheless...

It had every poi that you can think of including vinyards. tried opening a Magellan *file with a Hex Editor and it looks quite obvious that *files are encrypted or, at least in a highly proprietary format.

What I've been doing is saving the address of stores we frequent so we can locate them from 10 different directions.

The reviews I read online said that the 3100 series supported custom POI's.

We live in a rural area and locating department stores, grocery stores, etc.

on the fly is more important than I initially thought.

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