Updating imac g3

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If you support a lot of Macs or do a lot of refurb work, as Bill does, it's worth setting up a "cloning mule" to facilitate the process.The most important step in upgrading tray-loading i Macs, Blue & White G3 Power Macs (especially the Blue & White G3), and a few other Macs of that period is making sure you update the firmware before you install any software updates or new versions of the Mac OS.If the drive is larger than 8 GB and not partitioned, you may never be able to boot into OS X and may also have problems with the classic Mac OS.If the drive is partitioned and the first partition is bigger than 8 GB, same deal.(This applies only to IDE/Ultra ATA drives on the built-in bus.

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One issue the tray-loading i Macs, beige G3 Power Macs, Wall Street Power Books, and Clamshell i Books share is a transitional hardware architecture that runs into problems with IDE/Ultra ATA drives on the built-in drive bus under Mac OS 9 and OS X.He's also the only person I've ever heard from who has managed to get 512 MB RAM cards working in tray-loading i Macs.He writes, "We have found two of these early i Macs, likely 333s, that would accept and report a 512 MB card.You can install the classic Mac OS and Mac OS X through version 10.3 from CD, which is the only kind of optical drive Apple ever built into the tray-loading i Macs and the 350 MHz slot-loading i Mac.Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" usually ships on DVD, although it was possible to order it from Apple on CD.

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