Updating facebook status via email

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Its main objective is to inform, and to be effective it needs to be factual, up-to-date, and easy to read and understand for your audience.

email is fine for small projects, but for larger projects that have multiple streams of work it can be too limited: email calls for fairly short pieces of information (1 page or so), so works as long as you are succinct.

The status report that I have used to update management and team includes a variant of a quadrant report.

This will address the key concern and also the need to know status for the management and team.

Dedicated PM tracking/reporting tools or office documents (e.g.

MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerpoint) allow more details and more options in terms of presenting information (graphics, formatting, layout, etc.). Unless required to do so, nothing more frequent or you'd spend your time working on your status report (and wouldn't have that much to report on).

It works well except for when I'd like to include a line break in the status message.

I've tried adding a simple HTML tag, but this is just rendered as text. None of the solutions offered worked for me when trying to post a comment on Facebook using Chrome.

Visit Stack Exchange An effective status report tells your project stakeholders in a clear, concise manner where the project is at and how well it's going.Generally, I try and highlight the areas of the effort that are highly variable.In software, this is typically open impediments, impediments discovered and addressed, and new work (stories) completed. expected total work (CFD report, for example) Ideally, each of these, if not the overall report, is easily generated from an electronic tracking tool and requires little additional effort.If the audience so desires, they can read about a certain area.Here is an example: Status-Rev Note, that this is an excerpt from the book, The Handbook of Program Management by James T Brown.

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