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After ordering the same textbook from eight online textbook rental companies, we think that Chegg Books’ updated policy puts it ahead of the rest.As soon as you’ve ordered your textbook from Chegg, you can start reading the e Book version online.Read the full review Barnes & Nobel has the largest selection of textbooks to rent.Its thousands of textbooks cover not just lower-level courses, but also many upper-level ones.One drawback to choosing Barnes & Nobel is it doesn’t offer free shipping on textbooks. With the rising cost of college, getting cheaper books or renting from a service can be a great way to save a few bucks.But, we know what it can be like to hunt around for the right edition online or to waiting around for your books to arrive while your professor keeps assigning readings to the whole class.These points give you or someone else the opportunity to rent textbooks at a discount.

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That way, if your professor assigns readings the first day, you won’t get behind while waiting for your book to arrive.

Getting instant access means you won’t fall behind if you’ve decided to rent rather than buy your textbooks.

If you don’t need a physical copy of the book, Chegg also offers plenty of rental options, making it one of the best textbook rental companies.

Chegg lets you highlight in physical copies of the books, but you can’t take notes.

If you need to change your course schedule or drop a class, Chegg has a 21-day return policy within which you can get your money back for the rental period.

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