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Did Lo Bosworth ever make it down the aisle with Scott Hochstadt? Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.He accrued six regional supercross podiums between 20 before he lost his focus.Between a hard-partying lifestyle and a revolving door of sponsors, Hansen was on his way to being written off by the racing community as another story of lost potential.But the past year has seen Hansen do more than just raise his profile through reality TV.He was tapped by one of the godfathers of the supercross industry, Pro Circuit's Mitch Payton, before last summer's X Games to ride a Pro Circuit Kawasaki -- a decision that paid dividends for both parties.At the ending of the show, Stephanie and I talked, and it was just a good closing to the show for her and her finding, I guess, love. I went over to Pro Circuit to see Mitch Payton at the time all of this started. It was what we were working with and it just fit so good for the show. I figured if it was time to go ahead and do the show, it was probably better to do it toward the ending -- like the last two final episodes -- because then it was done forever.

The sister of Spencer Pratt and the motocross racer "went their separate ways," her rep confirms. "Another dysfunctional move by Stephanie pratt," Hansen Tweeted.

And then it just carried on and MTV got a hold of me.

I wasn't really interested at first, but I did a few shows.

I think everybody just thought the worst about the whole thing right off the bat.

Like, "Oh, Hansen is done racing" or "Hansen is already screwing up and going back to the old Hansen." It wasn't really like that.

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