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Certainly, adult stars from Portugal are working for other European (and sometimes American) porn studios.

The country offers quite a lot of options when it comes to adult entertainment including strip clubs, erotic massage parlours and sex shops.

That said, casual sex in Portugal is less common than in other parts of Europe however there are ways you can hook up, particularly in the capital (see ‘Personals Sites’, below).

Swinging is quite popular in Portugal and there are plenty of clubs, especially in the capital.

Prostitution in modern Portugal comes in a variety of forms including street prostitution, massage parlours, contact bars and even unofficial brothels.

Escorts can be found on classified sites and through specialist directories.

Because brothels aren’t legal, prostitution is typically carried out through escort services.

The most popular search terms across the site coming out of Portugal are typically nationalistic with ‘Portugal, ‘Tuga’ and ‘Portuguese’ topping the list.

Traffic to the site ranks Portugal as the 41 most active country on Porn Hub.

Whilst most people around the world tend to view their porn on a Sunday, the Portuguese enjoy viewing on a Monday though the time they view is more typical being between 11pm and 1am.

This despite the fact that over half of the respondents had only ever had one sexual partner (4% had 10 or more).

This statistic markedly demonstrates the two polar opposites of attitudes towards sex in Portugal.

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