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Although some aspects of the society already had a unique national character, namely the language, many of the customs, laws and conventions were still deeply influenced by past rulers: Czechs, Hungarians and the Austrian Habsburgs. It, together with close friends, forms the basis of financial and emotional support.

Obligation to the family is a person’s number one priority.

Bernolak published his new language in his "Grammatica Slavica" in 1790.

By the time of the Neolithic more humans were being represented than animals.

If you are invited to a Slovak's house: While direct communication is valued in Slovakia, there is also an emphasis placed on finessing what is being said so that information is delivered in a sensitive way.

Often, the level of the relationship will determine how direct someone is.

Unlike cave paintings and rock engravings whose age can often be calculated with reference to the soil stratas, rock samples and artifacts found in the cave, dating mobiliary art can be more difficult, especially when objects are discovered miles from their 'source'.

Contemporary dance draws on both classical ballet and modern dance, whereas postmodern dance was a direct and opposite response to modern dance.

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