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How would Microsoft persuade people to share Highlights when most of their friends might only use Skype for the occasional call?

This is an acknowledgment that Skype, as well-known as it is, isn't so influential that it can adopt rivals' features and expect them to be successful.

Chat is still at the core of Skype, to be sure, but now the Microsoft-owned service wants you to It also has a fresh new look, one that’s bursting with color, animated squiggles and graphics that pop.

You’ll also notice plenty of inspiration taken from popular social networks like Snapchat and Instagram.

Microsoft's about-face on Skype now extends to one of its not-so-subtle attempts to ride the social media bandwagon.

Not only can you add emoticons, text and other edits to your Highlights, but your contacts can also react to your post with emoticons or messages.The new Skype introduces a brand-new feature called Highlights that lets users share the big moments from their day in one convenient reel.Comprised of photos and videos captured by you, Highlights is in the same vein as Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories.The death of Highlights isn't completely surprising, as Skype faced an uphill battle against incumbents who've had years-long head starts.Snapchat is still a heavyweight in disappearing social posts despite its struggles, and Instagram is larger still.

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