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Versaemerge's 2010 debut album, Fixed at Zero, finds the Florida rock outfit delivering a collection of driving and passionate emo-pop/rock.Featuring the vocals of Sierra Kusterbeck, Versaemerge will certainly draw some quick comparisons to such female-fronted contemporaries as Paramore and Evanescence.The more money the label makes, the more the band makes. I keep things to myself, give people the benefit of the doubt. My choice of leaving the band was for more than one reason. And we made at the time one of 2 baby boys I’m also so grateful for. And being gone 3 months at a time was not being there.It would’ve been different if I was being paid enough to support my family. Would you have pursued the band further if I was paid better.In that sense, Kusterbeck does sound a lot like Paramore's Hayley Williams, and as a band, Versaemerge do hem a bit too closely at times to Evanescence's goth metal mold to really stand out here.

A 360 deal doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing if the band is going to be pushed. Many opportunities that were given to Hayley were not given to Sierra. There was Like we spoke before, I’m mostly a timid person. As all of my friends were leaving the band I always had to re evaluate my choice in staying with the band. Which is something I never even thought would happen so early and I’m so thankful.Right In the midst of joining the group we already had some labels contacting us like Rise, Victory.Your “dream label” per say when you’re an inspiring hard core band or what not back In the day seeing as they were leading that scene with their plethora of bands.In the post, Ingelido goes on to describe a less-than-ideal situation for the band with their label, Fueled By Ramen (“I was begging for 1000 dollars a month to keep me a float”)—stating that he feels the band were signed and intentionally put on the backburner as to not create competition for one of FBR’s other female-fronted acts, Paramore.“Many opportunities that were given to Hayley [Williams] were not given to Sierra,” he says.

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