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After getting the notice even if company doesnt give the W2 form u can use the substitue form which will be mailed by IRS once u complain. I am on my 8th year of H1 and this is for the first time I am have heard so much hoopla that has made me real nervous. I already have the tickets but I am planning to postpone, apply for EAD and only then go to India.

Please note that this is only me and I might have a comletely different risk tolerance than you might have.

Thought of starting this thread to track EAD/AP/FP notices and updates for early july filers.

This way we can see if there is any kind of pattern going on.

No matter how you feel about the alleged shortage, you have to acknowledge that the H1B gives the employer a remarkable amount of power over the employee's life.

When u complain IRS will ask to send the proof and fine them 300$.Secretary Napolitano today laid out the framework for fixing the broken immigration system, and the solution is comprehensive immigration reform.Drawing on her years of experience on the southwest border, and her new role as the nation’s top homeland security official, she said that we need Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and create immigration laws that truly work for our country.Changing employers is not impossible, but it is tricky and perilous.As an American, I can quit my job and become a contractor. If my girlfriend decides to move across the country for a new job, I can quit my old job and go with her. If I decide I'm tired of programming, I can quit and apply to law school. And, most importantly, if I think I'm talented and should earn well above market rate, I can go into my boss's office and negotiate with the knowledge that I'm free to find a better deal elsewhere.

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