Scott baio and nicole eggert dating

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The eight remaining celebrities will be paired up with one of their competitors to compete in a partner dive where they'll take the plunge together.

After training together all week, the bottom scoring duo will go head to head against each other in a dive-off to determine who will be the third contestant sent home, on 'Splash,' TUESDAY, APRIL 2 (- p.m., ET) on ABC.

Now, any normal heterosexual, red-blooded American guy, the outcome would have been the same."Kelly reiterated on her Tuesday show that Baio denies Eggert's claims.

She also extended an invitation for him to give his defense live.

He produced two letters from his attorneys, dated last year, to Eggert and co-star Alexander Polinsky, who Baio claims "decided to team up against" him, telling them both to go to the police if they had legitimate claims.

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'Splash' premieres TUESDAY, MARCH 19 (- p.m., ET) on The ABC Television Network.

Of Baio's response, Eggert, now inspired by the #Me Too movement, said she covered up what had happened in previous interviews to protect the "legacy" of the show.

"I got really good at putting it in a box and saying, 'That's not me. Eggert, who was joined by Hollywood attorney Lisa Bloom, said she is considering filing a police report.

She said Baio — who played the title character, a college student who cared for a household of children including one played by Eggert — "immediately" befriended her and earned her trust."Then he started expressing his love for me and talking about marriage in the future," said Eggert.

"Before my 15th birthday, we were at his house — in his car in his garage — and he reached over and he penetrated me with his finger and that is when the sexual touching and abuse started, after that." 368600 03: Former cast member Nicole Eggert of the television show 'Baywatch' arrives for the 10th year anniversary party on May 2, 2000 in Santa Monica, CA.

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