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When the Swedes began making what would become their signature meatballs (at least dating back to the 1700s), it was simply to ensure that leftover meat was used before it spoiled.

This means that a lot of different meats were originally used when families made this dish.

Aebleskiver can be a challenge for Americans to find all year round, since this Danish pastry is traditionally a Christmas treat.

But have no fear, Californians: Slovang Restaurant in Slovang, CA, offers them 365 days a year, topping their aebleskiver with powdered sugar and a raspberry jam. flatter, another Scandinavian variation on pancakes is the pannekaker, which is similar to a crepe, but a little eggier.

Pronounced “smurh-broht,” this versatile open-faced sandwich always starts with buttered sourdough rye bread and, from there, is fully customizable to your taste.

While there are certainly popular flavor profiles for smørrebrød, common toppings you can choose from include meat spreads, cheeses, pickled herring, smoked salmon, cold cuts, roast beef, pickles, horseradish, sliced red onion, dill, and much more.

Kanebullar are usually topped with a little sprinkle of sliced almonds or pearl sugar.

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) are light and fluffy on the inside, similar to a popover.Made up of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (with Finland and Iceland generally included), the Scandinavian region has rich history and culture distinct from the other parts of Europe — and nothing expresses that quite like their cuisine.Scandinavian food highlights the bounty of the region, and it also features a wide variety of preservation techniques, traditionally used to ensure food lasted throughout the winters.Highlighted below are seven beloved dishes perfect for your first steps into exploring this cuisine.The appetizer known as gravlax is raw salmon that’s cured in salt and sugar for several days, then sliced thin and served chilled.

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