Rules for dating chinese women

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Despite the quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” the reality is, people judge you by how you look the moment you step into a room.In fact, attraction can happen instantaneously, within just a matter of seconds—30 seconds, to be exact—as research would tell you about what they scientifically call as ‘thin-slicing.’ According to this study, our brains make incredibly and, surprisingly accurate, long-lasting snap-judgments of the person we meet within just a few seconds of seeing them. Now, if you want to catch the attention of other people, or of someone you’re dating, red is the color to wear.Little did we know it really is all about calculation going beyond how we act and what we say to someone else.It is more about how we are biologically wired through our genes and our brains.

Exposing your torso shows availability, while showing or even stroking your neck makes you more sexually attractive.This is a true rule of attraction not only between dating people and friends, but also in other aspects of relationships such as business and socialization.When it comes to availability, it’s not enough that you show up. This is why smiling, pleasantness, and humor are big deal-makers.[Read: 18 physical turn ons that arouse a guy instantly] #6 Body language.Many studies have proven time and again how an open body language is attractive to both men and women.

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