Roomie stuck on updating device library dating out social class

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And having too much to do on regular days when I get home too late to do anything doesn't make Fridays off that useful! So my work schedule would be to 4 again (as opposed to my current 7-). I can work well at any time of the day, I guess, as long as I'm well-fed and have enough sleep in me. Someone I know has one of these things and asked me if I wanted to borrow it awhile back, so I may take him up on it. I'm just noticing that I'm more tired than I've ever felt during winter months. Not the design of the MT interface (though that's changed a little too, and for the better, I think), but the user's ability to modify the design of the blogs. Interestingly enough, though, while I've never even tried Sudoku before, I'm getting rather good at it on the DS... I've wanted a DS since Mike got one more than a year ago. :) Posted by Admin at PM | Comments (0) I'm in the middle of crunch time for work, but I wanted to let everyone that might still possibly email me via my SHU account that I have recently had the account deleted. If you would like me to tell you my personal account (if you do not already have it), please leave a comment (and be sure to leave your email address for me! Having my school account deleted seemed like an unceremonious end to an era. Posted by Karissa Kilgore at PM | Comments (1) I'd like to thank all the little things that have made my transition from school to the workforce possible (and successful).Sheesh, and we still have 20 days till winter solstice... I've been messing around with my blog since I knew what a hex code was. I got him the game Magnetica for it for his birthday last year and then--then, my friends--he got Animal Crossing, and I was essentially hooked. I was never able to sit and play a game for an hour at a time before until that game (with the exception of Katamari Damacy for PS2). Blog, I've written to you before, mostly to apologize, but I wanted to thank you.She's a great dog, even though she hits a nerve with me each time she tries to escape her kennels, and I wouldn't trade her for the world.Posted by Karissa Kilgore at AM | Comments (0) I leave for work at sharp, work 7-, and get home some time around 5.It occurred to me over the four day weekend I just enjoyed--thank you, Thanksgiving--that I am not seeing the sun on regular workdays. Brain Age II is one of the reasons I bought the package.This is not a problem I've ever had to deal with before. Even when I lived in the same building that I had class in when I lived at SHU. I'd heard good things about the original Brain Age.

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Since I got her, Trixie has displayed a severe case of separation anxiety. She's normally sitting next to me while I type and read on my laptop, nudging me to pet her. Sure, initially it's nice to have a vacation from constant dog duty.Scheduling time, remembering to pay bills, consolidating loans, and other miscellaneous--but highly necessary--tasks would not be so casual a nature to adopt had these not been practiced prior.Finally, perhaps being used to rapid communication (whether via IM, email, blogging, or just cell phone use) along with my persnickety persistence (which could be mistaken for impatience at times) when it comes to getting things done has resulted in overcoming what I have identified as a serious handicap in the business world--a break in the loop of communication.Don't misunderstand this as complaining--I enjoyed it, reveled in it. I know I'm not a professional web designer in the sense that I should be paid the big bucks for the work that I've done or that my stuff will change the world somehow. ) So the intellectual challenge and the financial support I've enjoyed would never have been, if I had entered blogging under these conditions... It also makes dealing with the "unknown" easier for some reason.(I'm well aware that I don't have a degree in this stuff and that a degree doesn't guarantee a big paycheck anyway.) I'm professional in the sense that I'm not an amateur (any longer)--I'm being paid for my work. Strange that this powerless setting should be the default in the design aspect since MT seems to have gone to lengths to make templates almost "skinnable." I've recognized one of those millions of forks in the road, so to speak, because had I chosen another path--or never had the choice to begin with--I know my life would be significantly different... Gratitude goes to my experiences with both Eye Contact and the Setonian.

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