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The passing of laws depriving Jews (and some other groups) of weapons in 1938 was a sign of the success of the oppression, not the cause of the oppression.

The Nazis succeeded because they moved quickly in 1933, when they had strong popular support, to totally subvert the democratic institutions of the Weimer Republic and to pass the initial laws against Jews. Jews were subjugated and the general German population was entranced with the seeming advances the Nazis had made.

This is a massive building in which the blitz campaigns against Poland, France, and Great Britain were all planned.

The museum presents an open, factual, detailed history of the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, the atrocities it committed, and the methods it used to subvert the democracy of the Weimar Republic in 19.

The Centrist Catholic party was disbanded after the government passed laws disallowing any political party other than the Nazi party.

This attitude of indifference is perhaps the scariest aspect of the success of the Nazis in Germany. First, any apparent overreach by the government deserves to be questioned. The demonizing of each other because of a is the first step the Nazis took.

Even if it is part of protecting national security, everything deserves to be questioned in a free press. Embracing diversity in political perspectives keeps America strong.

Censorship of the written word is the enemy of a free society.

It was interesting that in the accounting of oppressive measures taken by the Nazis there was NO mention of gun control.

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