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HIV, like other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), is possible with any form of sexual contact (gay and heterosexual relationships, anal, vaginal, oral sex).

During any sexual contact, the tender mucous membrane of the genitals, the oral cavity, the rectum, etc.

But no thanks to the specialized sites dating someone with aids is no longer a problem.

Use condoms and latex wipes to protect against HIV and STIs.

Whether single or married; male, female or bisexual; straight, gay or lesbian.

Your religious background, or race, or social status does not matter.

Fifth rule: joke, girls appreciate good humor, but no vulgar jokes.

And it is not worth discussing topics of politics, religion on your first date, your views may differ, and disputes will not lead to anything good.

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The risk of HIV infection increases: Therefore, you and your partner should be as honest with each other as possible.The risk of becoming infected with HIV through sexual contact is directly proportional to the number of unprotected sexual contacts, however, sometimes even having one sexual contact with an infected partner is sufficient for infection.When you use HIV dating sites you should talk about this.The vast majority of people living with HIV are very young.Before them, like all young people, there naturally arises the question of creating a family.

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