Poly faithful dating

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Rhetoric at the Service of a Polyamorist Ideology To their credit, polyamorist proponents (PPs) are realists when it comes to outcomes.

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As he talked, his face looked brighter, his eyes clearer.

Many polyamorists in the 70 percent bracket live in triads or quads where each adult participant has sexual relations (1) with every other person or (2) with just one other person or (3) with a few members of the group.

The most common numerical cluster seems to be that of a triad of two males and one female living together.

First, by right of the commitment between and betwixt the polyamorous adults who comprise the multi-partner marriage.

And, second, by virtue of its normativity (and, hence, morality): polymarriage is nothing other than an amoral “living out” of one’s inborn, natural orientation to plural sexual relationships.

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