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Many of their observations were later condensed and published by George N.Curzon in Persia and the Persian Question (London and New York, 1892).But after investigators laid out a lengthy and detailed timeline they said showed that the item was in fact stolen, the men signed court papers agreeing to the surrender. Wace had said in an email, “This work of art has been well known to scholars and has a history that spans almost 70 years.” He had added that he and Mr.Fogg were “simply flabbergasted at what has occurred.”The bas-relief is an eight-inch-square piece of carved limestone that was part of a long line of soldiers depicted on a balustrade at the central building on the Persepolis site.

Then Ernst Herzfeld, at that time Professor of Oriental Archaeology in Berlin, was commissioned by James H.The district attorney’s office has made investigating looted antiquities a priority in recent years and even created a new squad devoted to that mission last year.Aided by forensic researchers and legal specialists, the office has pieced together the histories of dozens of illicit items that arrived in New York for sale.After a serpentine journey across several European borders, the object made its way to New February, it was seized from the Alan Safani Gallery in Manhattan, which had purchased it last year from a London gallery.

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