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Pictures of you and multiple women: Why are dudes doing this?!

I'm not playing the is-that-your-baby-mom-or-sister game. Describing in great detail all the things you will not do: Dudes, chill. No one is trying to be your wife, and you not cleaning your house is , unsolicited personal info. Pictures of you with kids in developing countries: A fave of white dudes. Pictures of you lying across a tranqed-out tiger: I bet that tiger is just hoping those darts wear off so he can snack on you, thumb ring first.

So if you have mirror pics, I am going to assume you have no friends. not goofy) selfies: Behind every serious selfie is a narcissist waiting to be discovered.

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Puka shell necklaces: But, like, you're not from're not a surfer..

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    I know people who feel the “need to belong to someone.” It’s a dangerous mentality and it’s a road that only ever leads to heartbreak or unhealthy attachment. If you can see yourself with the other person far into the future, that’s a great sign.

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