Patience dating men Naugty thailand

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You want to go to a party, while he tends to stay at home.

Or, you’re overflowed with emotions and your partner just can’t take it. Introverts seem moody at times because they are utterly introspective and sensitive to their feelings. Remember that a compromise is a pledge of any healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Chances are you’ll forget about the argument, but your sweetheart can start talking about it in several days.

When you really want to settle a conflict, adopt a patient behavior.

Spontaneous and unplanned events are highly stressful and unwelcome for introverted people.

You won’t go out every day, but if your leisure time is properly planned, your guy will be more confident and comfortable.

Most probably your man will retreat to save his sanity.

If you aren’t able to adjust to this need, your relationship would be rather disastrous.

This is the most common mistake most people make when dealing with introverts.

You can’t change their temperament and it’s no use struggling with their personality.

While extroverts are often superficial and pretended, introverted people say and do exactly what they mean.

Don’t be afraid that you partner is a player or that he might be cheating on you.

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