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So, remember the modern definition of oxidation and reduction concern electrons (not oxygen or hydrogen).One way to remember which species is oxidized and which is reduced is to use OIL RIG.When a copper wire is placed into a solution that contains silver ions, electrons are transferred from the copper metal to the silver ions. Silver metal whiskers grow onto the copper wire, while copper ions are released into the solution.Another example of oxidation where an element combines with oxygen is the reaction between magnesium metal and oxygen to form magnesium oxide.

Metabolic activities in normal cells rely primarily on mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) to generate ATP for energy.

This article reviews the roles of glycolysis and OXPHOS in the energy metabolism of cancers.

Before the introduction of free oxygen into the atmosphere, organisms on earth rely on glycolysis as an energy source.

Unlike in normal cells, glycolysis is enhanced and OXPHOS capacity is reduced in various cancer cells.

It has long been believed that the glycolytic phenotype in cancer is due to a permanent impairment of mitochondrial OXPHOS, as proposed by Otto Warburg.

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