Outlook cached mode not updating

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Is the calendar connection opened “on access” or is the connection made everytime the user opens Outlook ?

Or is the download in the OST of Shared Calendars done on access basis only?Send/Receive has no effect.- 25 out of ~150 users experience this issue, from multiple remote sites, no one at HQ is affected.- Issue is sporadic, it may happen 3 times in 2 days and then no issue for a week.Background:- Hub and Spoke network architecture, HQ is the hub with 28 remote offices connecting to HQ.- Exchange 2013 at most recent patch level, 2 cas and 2 mbx.- Office 2016 on all clients.- All Windows and Office updates applied.- Mail servers resolve to internal IP so traffic flows across pvlans to HQ.- Edge devices at all locations are Juniper SRX.1- If the user didn’t have cached mode enabled for Shared Folders, but already had 10 calendars configured on their profile, and then if later on we enable cached mode for Shared Folders, these 10 calendars will be “downloaded” onto the OST file when users access these only – not all at once.2- If the user has already cached mode enabled for Shared Folders, it’s when they will add each calendar that Outlook will download a copy of the calendar the first time.

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