Open directory replica not updating

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This content comes from a chapter removed from my book Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out, also available at uk (including a Kindle edition).For space reasons to keep the book to a reasonable size, the chapter on public folders was removed.Share Point and Info Path forms are an option that is often considered for the kind of forms-based applications that were deployed on top of public folders.

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The chapter was supposed to be published as an extra that could be downloaded but that hasn’t happened to date, so here it is. If you like this kind of content about Exchange Server, why not follow me on Twitter so that you receive updates when I post material. To me, public folders are the cockroaches of Exchange.In summary, public folder management is divided between two consoles and EMS: An account must hold the public folder management role before it can perform any public folder management task.Public folders continue to be organized into two sub-trees within the folder hierarchy: Exchange does not include the content of public folders in its content indexes.Public folders offer the ability to replicate data so that a copy is close (in network terms) to users, a feature that was tremendously important in the days of expensive and scarce bandwidth.Public folders were the way to share documents and other items across organizations and can be mail-enabled to allow users to send messages to folders, a feature often exploited to allow public folders to serve as the enduring repository for email-based discussion groups.

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