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2) That in the US, men (50-59) lose just over .5 million a year while US women (50-59) lose .8 million.

[Continue reading](May 25, 2012) You Tube's lack of username spam reporting is resulting in tens of thousands of spam videos appearing on You Tube, with most going undetected for years, if ever.They decided to start a channel offering their opinions and advice. [Continue reading]Online Dating Magazine has put out a new video about dummies and online dating, appropriately titled, "Online Dating for Dummies".In the video, there are two dummies and their only job is to provide expert online dating tips. [Continue reading](Online Dating Tonight) If you've been online dating for awhile then chances are that you've gone on a first date with someone only to find out that they had lied in their profile.The deal does come with some drawbacks, however, as …[Continue reading](February 23, 2012) Online Dating Magazine, a publication and watchdog group for online daters and singles, has issued its first ever urgent warning dealing with a new variation on the romance scam. [Continue reading]It seems that a guy has found the love of his life online.

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