Norman reedus dating cecilia 8 dating rule simple teenage

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Last week, Reedus and Love hung out at strip club Sapphire in New York City for their “SINS” night.

They arrived together and it seems the Norman and Courtney made quite an impression on the dancers, albeit for different reasons.

It’s no secret that women love Reedus, known for playing Daryl Dixon on Courtney, on the other hand, made an impression by handing out dollar bills to dancers like candy, as the singer/actress certainly remembers her days struggling as a stripper herself.

Love has made no secret that back in the 80s she worked such Los Angeles clubs like Jumbo’s Clown Room and Nude, Nude, Nude!

Screw the fact that he was born 24 YEARS before her!

They were obviously meant for each other in "fantasy land". The idea of dating someone his age is beyond creepy IMO!

resident bad boy Norman Reedus has been the subject of much speculation about his character’s love life — or lack thereof — on the hit TV series.

Cecilia definitely wasn't on his mind." Pals say Norman is desperate to end his relationship with Cecilia, but she refuses to let go.

She's even younger than me and I thought being 22 was super young to have a 'celeb crush' on a 44 year old. All you people saying this is "OK", just wait until your 19 year old fresh faced little angel comes home with some 45 year old grizzled old man. I don't pretend to understand NR's way of thinking, I don't know this man, I'm just one of many who lusts after him and likes to watch his work and overall he seems like a pretty decent guy, but the one commonality that I do have with him is that we are the same age and both have boys who are 13, and that fact is what makes this relationship so perplexing for me.

Sorry Norman Reedus fans, but there is something very big wrong with him and it's not sweet or cute or worthy of your adoration and rabid fan protection. Like Oprah says "Once someone shows you who they are, believe them".

Are the two just friends, or is there more to the relationship?

Could Norman Reedus be dating the infamous Hole front woman and widow of Kurt Cobain?

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