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According to research conducted by Princeton University, it only takes one-tenth of a second for a person to form an impression after looking at someone’s face.The article, called “First Impressions” and published in Psychological Science, also shows that first impression doesn’t significantly change the longer the person looks at the face.For 12 weeks, researchers from the Université de Bretagne-Sud followed the online dating experiences of more than two dozen women aged 20 to 30.At the end of the study, women who wore red received more contacts from men than those who wore blue, green, yellow, white, or black.For men, it’s looking away from the camera and smiling (because it creates an air of mystery).On the flip side, the worst thing both men and women could do is make a flirty face while looking away from the camera. The color you wear in your main profile photo can have a huge impact on how many people message you, according to Psychology Today.We recommend you post a handful of photos or so, and select photos of you in different poses and engaged in different activities.

For the ladies, Ok Cupid says the best thing you could do is make a flirty face while looking into the camera. I think one of the strongest side and what exactly attracts people to me is that i am full of positive energy an emotions everyday, and I am rea...more about Angela from Minsk I am not perfect but I am trying to become better than yesterday me. more about Antonina from Vinnitsa A young Cleopatra is looking for her Cesar)) In reality, I'm looking for my devoted man) I'm calm and thoughtful,no cries,no dramas) I think a lot.listen carefully,talk very littl...We’d suggest having a combination of face, full-body, action, dressed up, dressed down, serious, and goofy shots.The point is to give potential matches a peek into your personality, background, and interests.

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