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But already trouble stirs, bringing a new threat: something is very wrong within the depths of the Underworld, and it’s up to Darcy and her friends to find out what. Will isn't sure how he can save the world, keep his grades up and maintain a healthy relationship with Nico... Well, none of them should have been born There are others like them, other demigods on Remnant other powers in the world, forces far darker than the Gods had ever seen before And Ozpin just wants to know what the hell is going on with these four girls, seriously can anyone tell him? Direto do tretudo mundo mitológico de RICK RIORDAN, uma FIC com um super crossover de TODAS AS MITOLOGIAS por ele exploradas!But this is an opponent like none they’ve ever faced before, a fight that can only end in pain and destruction- because Death herself has come to claim what is hers, and there’s nothing and no one that can stand in her way. Num crossover de destruir o mundo em completo caos, nossos semi-deuses e magos favoritos terão que salvar o mundo mais uma vez sendo que dessa vez várias mitologias resolveram se juntar para criar um fim do mundo que vai deixar o Ragnarok no chinelo.Nico will spend the day preparing for the occasion--anticipation is half the fun!

Os perigos surgem até daqueles que séculos atrás eram inimigos ou aliados desses povos.

This story fits in: EGYPTIAN: After The Crown of Ptolemy GREEK/ROMAN: After The Dark Prophecy NORDIC: After The Ship of the Dead Monsters everywhere, another prophecy, and a boy healing.

Nico di Angelo wasn't sure how saving the world was going to go this time, but he didn't expect he'd be babysitting and protecting an unrealistically beautiful girl from perhaps every monster in existence. Will he come out as a hero, or crack under the pressure? Nico Di Angelo has recently married Will Solace and was spending their last year at Camp in peace making plans for a new life with his husband in New York.

Rest assured, Nico is gorgeous and Max is a nice looking man. We are also disease-free and would like to keep it that way :) so condoms are de riguer.

[B]We are not interested in engaging with anyone who is playing without his partner's consent.

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