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This is more common in branches that need larger units to perform their duties.For example, an Army Reserve unit may require an entire company or battalion to report at the same time and location for field training.Their service differs only after they complete basic training, tech school, and any required follow-on training (if any).After initial training, the member then reports to their Guard or Reserve unit and is then on the standard Guard or Reserve schedule, which is often referred to as “one weekend a month, two weeks a year.” The phrase, The one weekend a month refers to the normal monthly drill assembly (also called a Unit Training Assembly, or UTA).

The two weeks of Annual Training can be served in different times or locations, based on unit needs or scheduling requirements.What follows is a recent question we received from a reader who is thinking about joining the Guard or Reserves (branch to be determined).Hello Ryan, I am interested in potentially joining the military (Air Force or Marines), likely in a National Guard or Reserve capacity.Other units may be able to function on a smaller scale.So they may be able to serve their AT days at a different time and place.

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