Muslim dating websites in chicago

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“My parents would not have been OK with dating,” the Chicago-raised mother of three said as she pondered the idea of swiping for a match. Whether Muslim parents approve or not, a growing number of dating websites and apps target Muslims in the West who can say “dating” without blushing.

But after learning more about his first marriage, she says, “I think I’m more comfortable.”Nervous about a third engagement, Omar is relying on her parents for guidance.

They’ve essentially given the green light to the relationship, and things are progressing: Omar’s relative, Sara, said the man’s parents are already looking to buy gold, which is customarily given to a bride by the groom’s family.

” asked San Jose resident Parisa Mirza-Khan, who met her husband through family, as many Muslim Americans used to do before technology began changing traditions.

Websites, such as Shadi, Muslima and Half Our Deen have been around for a while, but the mobile apps are the newest technology to help a growing community solve the conundrum of marital matchmaking.

Mariam Bahawdory, whose parents immigrated from Afghanistan, felt frustrated with the cultural idea that men and women shouldn’t converse.

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“They want a voice in the whole process.”Muslim dating apps and gatherings, where young people can find others who share their religion and values, appeal to younger Muslims who want that voice.Muslims are spread across the United States, and those who want to marry within the faith have limited avenues for meeting.Many shun arranged marriage — frequently set up by relatives to a bride or groom abroad — and find themselves pining for a soul mate of their choosing.A cousin’s cousin wants Omar to meet her husband’s brother, who lives in Michigan.When she first heard about him, she says, “I was hesitant because he’s a divorcé,” Omar said.

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