Mira sorvino dating

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But despite the number of stories he heard over the years, Tarantino said he failed to see it as proof of a larger problem.

She is a proud daughter of Lorraine Ruth Davis, a drama therapist and former actress and Paul Sorvino, an actor and film director.

In 2019, she has an estimated net worth of around million. Between 19, Mira Sorvino was romantically linked with renowned director Quentin Tarantino.

The actress has played a number of iconic roles in movies. On June 11, 2004, she got married to actor Christopher Backus in private civil ceremony at the Santa Barbara, California. Before marriage she dated for a long time with her boyfriend, they meet in August 2003 in Mira's friends' party.

From the date of her debut she has been featured in many super hit movies like Barcelona (1994), Mighty Aphrodite (1995), Beautiful Girls (1995), The Replacement Killers (1998), Like Dandelion Dust (2009), Perfect Sisters (2012), Daughter of God (2015).

Mira has also made her remarkable presence in Television series she has acted in many TV series like Human Trafficking (2005), The Last Templar (2009), Intruders (2014), and Stalker (2015).

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