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I'm a Korean guy currently in the middle of Wisconsin and I get what you're saying.

Dating here, or lack thereof, is very different than when I lived in Seattle and the Bay Area.

Part of it is no doubt race, but part of it is that midwesterners suck.

In Minnesota, at least, we're infamous for being hard to get to know, and it bleeds over to dating as well.

As a student I worked in the college cafeteria manning the "mexican food" booth and ladling out salsa to students getting burritos and taco salads. Not being the default means that most people will not choose you, but not everyone wants the default. You have it down to a fault..the thing is that I don't date black guys.

It was always obvious who the born and raised midwesterners were, because they reacted to my offer of salsa like vampires to sunlight. Having a granny from Kentucky who likes to say the n_word , or the black section kinda throws that whole line of thinking off.

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Don't get me wrong: a lot of women check out my profile after I send messages, but the conversion/conversation rate is incredibly low, and it's hard not think it's because of my race. Maybe I just don't understand the culture out here.

I had a perfectly fine time dating on the East Coast. But it's so hard to get traction in the Midwest.

It's like being stupid and obese was looked at as normal in Houston. Diversity in people's lives as they were growing up probably plays a factor.

Now all people talk about is their most recent cross fit PR or science. I live in the Milwaukee area, which the actual city is very segregated and I tend not to see as much interracial dating here... Move to Chicago and you won't have any problems with dating because of race, if that's your problem.

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