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Freezer’s brain fast calculated that we could outrun the cops. Meanwhile, brain replayed all the highway police car chases he made me watch.The ones that ALWAYS end in disaster for the pursued. The only thing I learned in fact, from those numbing, plot-less, testosterone-aimed spectacles is, you attempt to outrun the cops.It was a less curvy section than the rest of the road.

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It also happens that I enjoy being on my own more than average.

We’re both slender and wearing baseball hats to protect our faces from the sun.

We’re huffing and puffing because we haven’t hiked for a while.

We were back on our side of the road with no cars ahead — just in time for a police car to turn on its siren for us.

We hadn’t noticed it in the line of cars behind us before Freezer had begun the pass.

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