Live updating line graph in wpf

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These hover interactions can display crosshairs or bar/column highlights to snap to actual data points.

Attach tooltips to the hover interactions and lock them on crosshairs or to axes.

Label formats can also be configured according to the visible range.

Using Line Chart for Real-time Graph is very common.

A line chart is created by connecting a series of data points together with a line.

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Financial charting scenarios, with support for both Candlestick and OHLC bar chart, and many built-in technical indicators (like Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Money Flow Index, MACD, Wilder's RSI) are supported.

Use the keyboard, zoom bar, mousewheel, or drag-select any rectangular region with the mouse to zoom in for close-up look at data points.

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The Intervals collection makes it easy to specify conditional label intervals based on the visible range of the axis, such as labels for each month when a year is visible.You can use this series to plot scientific data such as strength of magnetic field, 3-D shapes projected or flattened onto a 2-D plane, or correlation among three numeric columns in your data.The Scatter Polyline Series can plot outlines of custom shapes that are defined using a collection of collections of X/Y points.The series can show multiple connections between data points to indicate relegations or even build a view of networks.The Date/Time Axis is an improved time axis that supports breaks, dynamic intervals, and dynamic labeling.

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