Listbox not updating

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The reaseon I get this warning is that on one radio button I import two strings making the handles.listbox3, 'value') = 2 the others it equals '1' If I select the second (bottom) string and change radio button the listbox dissapears because the maximum number of strings sent to the listbox is now 1 and two is outside the bounds.

My current requirement is in the ECN-RFQ form that the customer purchasing Listbox is restricted to only showing persons from the customer listed in the previous customer Listbox. I wanted to copy it and try to update the various commands to work on a different database and form.

I have tried for many hours with two of the tried and tested options, 1 using a refresh button and 2 using a macro. 2) The following macro was kindly given to me by Sir Ratslinger, this worked on my previous database so I wanted to adapt it for my new effort.

I know there are other stuff running in the database Listboxes involved but can the following macro easily be used in my new database by simply using macro organiser, new, pasting in and modifying the various references to suit?

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I downloaded the example I uploaded here and get the same message and crash. Strange that this did not work for me until i restarted my machine for the crashing issue as mentioned above.For any existing implementations, you can edit the component in order to supply values for the new attributes.The Listbox widget is a standard Tkinter widget used to display a list of alternatives.Its working fine now and as exactly as you said above.Many thanks as I believe this is a macro I will use many times again by simply reformatting the above.

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