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The first time we met her, at a party at Barneys for Donatella Versace, we nervously approached her and introduced ourselves.

At a loss for what to say in the presence of Her Leightness, we complimented her on her dress and asked her what it was. "." We learned, in that moment, that it is indeed possible to be both appalled and in love at the same time.

And on that note, let us repeat: if they wanted to invite us over for a morning hike or a movie night or even to help out around the house, we would so be in!

And in 2014, her debut album, Heartstrings, was released through her own label.

Her birthday is that they had plans to start a family and that she likes “the grown-up stuff” and that her friends were all getting married... And, according to the actress, they are a “ magazine that his favorite tradition with his daughter is hiking.

He said that a nice morning hike is a treat and that they go really early in the morning, since watching the sunrise with a kid is pretty fun.

And on a similar note, when they do come out into the world, when they do release new works and when they do take the time to interview with different news outlets... For years, fans have enjoyed keeping up with “Blair and Seth,” and in today’s time, it is still great to watch their latest shows/films, read their interviews to learn updated facts, and see them all dressed up on the red carpet.

She’s loosely entangled with Sebastian Stan, who plays scruffy trust-fund hippie Carter Baizen on the show.

They were introduced by Chace, who became best friends with Sebastian in 2006’s forgettable supernatural thriller .

Before all of this, Meester dated actors Sebastian Stan and Aaron Himelstein, and while Brody dated Rachel Bilson (so, yes, Seth and Summer were together in real life) and screenwriter Lorene Scafaria.

After getting engaged, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody stayed off of social media and avoided Los Angeles, to keep everything under wraps.

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