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She is the daughter of Jeffery and Vicki Lyn Port (née Woskoff).

She has an older brother, Ryan, an older sister, Ashley, and two younger sisters, Paige and Jade.

Despite this, there are some changes in the star’s face that cannot be wholly explained by these factors.

She was accused of consulting the procedures in moderation making it more difficult to notice the signs of cosmetic surgery.

She has vehemently denied the speculations on the claim that she is a natural who is benefiting from proper self care and make up application tips.

Some people believe especially due to the fact that the speculated surgeries are not too obvious.

Now she’s done with all that and prepared to open up and show her things.

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The surgeries which seem to have been carried out in moderation suits her face making her more striking than ever.

She has been accused of engaging in these surgeries too early since she is only a few months shy of 32 but as long as she keeps it moderate, no harm can come her way.

was MTV’s good girl about the Hills and the sexpot on The town.

The difference in her after pictures is attested to a reduction rhinoplasty.

Her lips are fuller and more sensual as a result of a possible lip injection.

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