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My Power Point presentation shows inside my books, includes quizzes, and images.It helps me remember where I’m up to in my talk – so I now don’t need any cue cards to remind me what I’m doing next.I link this to having a dream and if you’re hard working and determined enough – you can make it happen.The kids also see sneak previews of new books coming out.You need to engage your audience by making them laugh, showing them something they haven’t seen before, letting them get to know you more, getting the kids up and being part of the performance and wowing them with some props/visuals.It took a while for me to include all those elements in my talks but I believe I’m getting there.

We’ve been receiving fantastic reviews of the book.Normal - Standard pet Angelic - Angelic wings Faerie - Faerie wings Demonic - Demonic wings and horns Dark Faerie - Dark faerie wings Editted - Any non-cosplay pet with edits (including pets base off animals)Cosplay - I pet based on your OC or a RL person or character.My new book ‘Running the Country’ has been hitting a right note with teachers and librarians around the country.All are invited but it is essential that you RSVP because we are limited to 100 people.You’ll meet on the night: David Elliot, Fifi Colston, Lindy Fisher, Robyn Belton, Kyle Mewburn, Donovan Bixley, Heather Arnold, Melinda Szymanik, and myself!

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