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When performing two way databinding, Null values and Nullables get changed to string.The way the Form View control handles null values has caused me some grief :-( Consider a Form View bound to an Object Data Source like so: On the other hand, if we try the same thing with the Details View control, the Last Name will still be “null” on update.In any case, your blog entry helped me solve my problem, so I wanted to say thanks!A common way to use these collections is to HTML-encode the values supplied by the user before they are stored in the data source.

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The workaround is to subscribe to the Form View Item Updating event and look for string.empty New Values and set those to null instead.TO sevensnake77: maybe I am misunderstanding your suggestions but I don't see how they help.Passing values to the formview is not the problem - our datatable is binding well (as my original request said) and the formview is showing the data.We have a page with a formview which we want to populate from a datatable saved on another page, and we then want to be able to edit the data, save it back to a datatable and send it to another page.Data Item, Data Row View) ' but Data Row View was nothing - - - can anyone help us with the vb code we need here and tell us how to "wire it up" to the form View events?

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