Invalidating a session in jsf

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If you want session to expire then you can configure likeweb container interprets the 0 minutes timeout to infinite.Setting infinite timeout is not recommended because once session is created it will never expires and will remain live in server until server gets restarted or you invalidate from servlet by calling In some cases you may have requirement to have different session timeout for different user session.

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The default session timeout can be changed by two ways1. Programatically But when to use configuration and when set it Programatically ?

Simply put, a cookie is a small piece of data stored on the client-side which servers use when communicating with clients.

They're used to identify a client when sending a subsequent request. After this time, the cookie cannot be used by a client (browser) when sending a request and it also should be removed from the browser cache. Along with a domain name, we can also specify a path. The path specifies where a cookie will be delivered.

The basic execution of the attack is the following: The most basic example is where the server accepts not only SIDs, which it generated but any SIDs provided by the client.

When such server receives a new unknown SID with a request, it creates a new session associated with the SID provided.

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