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It would be improper to be Confidence Called Absolute Consumer Price Index was the same as in the clubs then, and'I would have to , , . work something out” He a Iso vigorousty defended^his hoth- For the 12 months that ended in Mr. won't be in nilmgs and his attitude about the future eight-tenths o Fl. Washington forever.” °f the Justice Department and thejudi- The purchasing-power of the typical The Attorney General-designate also o Exy itself will withstand any stxutiny^ r^tfnnert on Page' 52, Column 5 .27 Moviaf 34-40 UAlt moau a nmuur .26 Music .......34-40 Foreign Minister Fahmy said .2Y Sa Si? The men were gunned down Sunday in front of their wives and children by black nationalist guerrillas whose orders to plantation workers to quit their jobs had gone unheeded. Cosmetics, Street Floor compact protection The Knirps® umbrella you can take anywhere ~ in your bag. Bell fell short of saying that he na “M °f Gnife B. November, the index rose 5 percent—the would resign outright from the-two organ- Federal judge, against protests Fused smallest rise for any 12-month period izations, the Piedmont Driving Club and ctv “ ^8“^ organizations and leaders, since the 12 months'that ended in March the Capital City Club'. A survivor of the killings said yesterday that when the guerrillas arrived at the workers' compound at 8 PM. RIGHTIST IAB0RITE QUITS ; BRITI SH MINISTERIA L POST Spedal to The Mew Tor* Ttmet LONDON, Dec.

carried some role of mystititfm in Jewish history, books in Hebrew in coanectfoix with So- Another speaker discussed the official viet-Jewish culture” Yiddish-language monthly Sovietish Heim- Professor Alexander -said he. wife -had not mtended to take part in the Some'- 20 persons from the United symposium.'He said he taught Viotorian States, Israel, Britain and Sweden, had literature - at the University of Wash- piarmed to come, some to present papers, ington. (3Su5\S AT OUR LEXINGTON AVENUE STORE EXCLUSIV * • ' a JMtt" Vpi- & wane uucrna were dcuwqu. -ruau Two speakers and one other participant ^ th e street were two unmarked great were known to have been held. Damage to the structure, which houses an estimated to 100 residents, was estimated at . The injured- included an 18-year-old man with 1 major burns, a 50-year-old woman in critical conditon, and. were injured when the SL Francis Yacht Club on San Francisco Bay was destroyed by a fire that started in a Christmas tree. | 'The first body was found, soon after the five-alarm blaze was brought under control last night The other two were found as firemen sifted through the rub¬ ble of the elegant dub. of those who was at the party was Fire Chief Andrew Casper, who said the fire broke out in a nine-foot tree deco¬ rated with Christmas lights.

.-• * •" * • ‘AH the News it*5 Fit to Print* No,'43,432 1 VT _ p - P*r»r- _ l^rr . C 1178-Xtel&ir Vert timit* tyw i g ntj r NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22,' 1976 25 coats tenon SD-nffle zone from raw Yuris at? friends and reporters as the clerk polled The mrv in Passaic Countv Court [email protected] __*_ MRS. 1980 Olympic Games fr.*® Uni ted States, rporation, an intematioctal ny with headquarters in awarded the rights pend- Sadat-Assad Decision Is Believed Part of Peace Talk Strategy Sucelul to The Ntw Yw* Tints . He met wito President Augusts Pinochet of Chile, President Jorge Videla qf Argentina and Uruguayan leaders. 21 (Reu¬ ters)—White Rhodesians reacted with shock and anger today to the reports that 27 black workers had been machine- gunned and bayoneted to death by black guerrillas on a tea estate near toe Mozambique border.

J*F"i affirming the verdict in The coortreom wee Ailed with relatives, thete first tam- . Harold Brown to Be Defense Chief r Ray Marshall Labor Secretary— Final Appointments Tomorrow n X * ~ ' .«» ; 4 * • • ' A '*■ *V|, OV VINEYARD. CAIRO AND DAMASCUS Splymj Hc Deal PLAN POLITICAL UNION ..^GERALD FRASER - mm ere ia] American televi- bave been finessed out of V to get exclusive rights to ■j. The loan last February was for copper development, while toe. Hay said, outlining to e impressions gained in a 12 - day tour of Latin America earlier this month.

2L—Rubin (Hut- witnesses who had identified Che defend- ricane) Carter and John Artis con- ants as the Lafayette Grill gunmen the victed tonight on three counts of first- first time they were tried. ’■ t Einar Magnus on of Norway, represent¬ ing the Scandinavian countries, said lie had voted against the loan on the basis of “file whole economic and social situa¬ tion in-Chile-as we see it today” Britain abstained on 'both occasions. “In fact, them are no more real obsta¬ cles to our work in Chile” Mr.

- By LESLIE MAITLAND Special to The New York Thneu PATERSON, NJ., Dec. 1 non is paying rent—not toe regular ’ tenants and certainly not the tens of ■ thousands of squatters who Eve. But out near the airport, squatters driven from the city’s slums during toe fighting have built hundreds of one- story houses on land that does not be¬ long to toem. The Government has sot yet been able to remove scores of similar houses bu Dt riearby by earfier squatters during toe • seven-month period of cxvfl strife in 1958. One of the loans, for agricultural devel¬ opment, he said, should “contribute to agricultural production and have a social impact on some of the poorest 30.percent of the people in Chfle.” The other switch from abstention In February to approval today was by the director for Egypt, representing most of the o H-producing and some other Arab countries. Alexandre Hay, president of the Red Cross committee, said in an interview that a ‘'rather liberal attitude” by the military junta Chile “the (me country [in Latin America] where we have the greatest facilities.” . .quality for style, in gold tone case, exclusively at Toumeau... ' TOURTCRU 500 Madfeon Avenue at 5Znd Street New \brit City 10022 (212PL»-3285 ABmaforcradn cards honond.

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