How to play steam games without updating amor datinguinoo

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Indeed you can't turn off auto updates for Steam at all, the best you can do is limit them to one hour per day (Downloads Tab in Steam's Settings).Setting this time to when your PC is shutdown and you're generally asleep, may not be enough, though it appears to work for me, so far.The absolute worst way to update a modded game, is to do it automatically like Steam and the Workshop.This is the main reason that Steam Workshop, isn't used at all by most experienced modders.

It always depends on what mods you use and their requirements for other mods.

I'll know when I try the next update, if Falllout 4 works just like all other Steam Games.

Alllowing me to manipulate Steam's automatic system, into being, in usage, manual. That's good enough for me to take control of my modded game, a basic requirement to mod well.

Which is a decent enough reason to be wary of any complex mod attempts until then.

I agree with the OP though, Steam system is a good way to break a working modded game one is happy with.

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