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the words a submissive loves to hear Boi: yeah Boi: so he was fingering me Boi: I have to say it was uncomfortable at first and even hurt a bit, but it was so hot and I was so hot even that pain was pleasurable Dad: with only a little spit..of course it would Boi: yeah Boi: so he withdrew his finger and I thought to myself OMG he's going to fuck me with just a little bit of spit Dad: you just put pain and pleasure in the same phrase...

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so he comes over Boi: my pretext was that I wanted to show him some things about the apartment that maybe he had not noticed before Boi: yes, sublet. nice Boi: but since I met you I have not been able to get you out of my mind Dad: he's smiling big time?Follow all the chat rules below and do not proceed until you have read through each and every one of them.Stay safe and enjoy our blogs, safety tips, and chatting!always want to be sure the top is pleased with you Boi: and he looked down at me and said you like sucking this cock? I just grabbed his cock and pulled it back in my mouth Dad: tease the young bitch.. hehe Boi: yeah Boi: I was so fucking horny, I could not stop Dad: you sure remember your adventures well.. keep going baby Boi: after I would say about 20 minutes he said that he was getting ready to cum Dad: wow Boi: and asked me if I wanted him to pull out before he came Dad: let me guess...Boi: with my mouth full of cock I shook my head Dad: you said.. Boi: and started sucking more Dad: hahahaha Boi: and harder Dad: suck it boi Boi: and trying to suck him in deeper Dad: god I love an eager cocksuker Boi: so he started breathing harder and moaning louder Dad: mmm Boi: and he yelled, baby, I'm cumming Dad: it was hot that he called you baby Boi: and I felt his cock expand even more and felt his cock spitting its load into my mouth Boi: that was my first taste of cum Dad: and you were addicted on one load Boi: I didn't stop sucking until he completely stopped Dad: good cocksuker Dad: drain it Boi: he said damn that was good Boi: I smiled at him Dad: what a great guy Boi: but he said he wasn't thru yet Boi: I was like really?

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